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Dear Friend,

Having the right development environment is as important as having the right tools to get your job done. Being able to work with the best tools is what distinguishes a novice programmer from a seasoned professional.

Going out and buying the most expensive MacBook Pro ($3,499 + tax) is not going to make you a more productive programmer, what's going to make you a code generating machine, is going to be the skills that you know with the tools that you have mastered.

Having the right skills without the right tools, will give you a project that is late and overbudget.
Having the right tools without having the right skills, will give you a project that never get’s completed.

If you have the right skills and the right tools you have a winning formula.

When you have the right tools and the right skills you become an unstoppable programmer. You will be able to dig through thousands of files, write code that fixes critical bugs and ship code to production faster.

In 2012 I started a long painful journey to find the world’s best tools to program with, I learned to use countless text editors, spent many sleepless nights mastering vim, went through countless hours of web seminars on learning the ins and outs of "netbeans", paid hundreds of dollars in licensing fees to get rid of annoying popup boxes and purchased just about every book imaginable on creating the "Best" development environment for Software Developers.

After this very long painful journey of trying to find the best development environment, I believe that I have found the holy grail... on how to create your perfect development environment.

I proudly introduce you to:

Modern Development Environments

An eBook for all web developers that might be struggling with some of the same questions that I had when I first started working professionally.

“How did you jump to the end of the file?"
“Why does your terminal look different than mine?"
“Wait how exactly do you do that in Windows?"
“How did you just commit a change in git from your Text Editor?"
“How did you get a value from the OS?"
“What’s the best Text Editor to use?”
“IDE vs Text Editor?”
“What are the best plugins to have?”

In reality, no one is going to show you how they setup their personal development environment and that's because it’s “personal”.

I will personally take you behind the scenes and show you what type of tools you will need as a Software Developer, but more importantly than just the tools, I will teach you the skills of how to identify and qualify new tools as they are released.

What will you learn?

Inside the eBook you will learn about text editors, IDE's, bash, profiling, macros, operating systems, virtual machines, cloud environments, local environments, git, aliases, jobs and most importantly I will show you how to be happy with your own work.

  • done
    Create the Perfect Development Environment.
  • done
    Understand common Command Line Tools.
  • done
    Learn to use Automation to automate common tasks
  • done
    Develop code from anywhere in the world with Cloud Computing
  • done
    Find your perfect Text Editor
  • done
    Understand what plugins to use with your Text Editor
  • done
    Master Environment Variables
  • done
    Setup Virtual and Cloud Environments
  • done
    Create a Linux Server from scratch
  • done
    How to setup new Team Members in minutes instead of weeks.
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By using what you learn, you will stand out from the crowd. Move your skills as a programmer forward and avoid any downtime due to development environment issues.

What's everyone is saying?

This book has given me a leg up on my competition, now I can quickly scale my team with the same development environment across multiple countries using one single command. Thank you for this book!

Alejandro Bagnato

Hey Rick, thanks for this book, I have always used XAMP and MAMP before but never been happy with the simulated environment installed on my PC and not quarantined, this way has given me a real fake server that can easily be backed up by exporting the .vdi Exactly what I needed, thanks!.


LOVE IT! simple and easy to understand and to follow. Can't wait to get through the rest of the book. I need this info!


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This isn't one of them.

There's NO hidden "monthly charge" EVER. You just pay $0.99 and you get the book. It's that easy.

And in case you're wondering why I'm doing this...

  1. This is my way of saying thank you for being a dedicated subscriber.
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  3. Unlike every author out there, I don't make all of my money from teaching others how to code (I actually run a real business creating custom software solutions)
  4. I get the opportunity to show you one of my products, and when you see how awesome it is, it should get you excited to buy other stuff from me in the future.
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​Meet The Author

Hey, It’s Rick H.

My formal education is in Computer Science. My studies have included CS fundamentals, OOP Design, Algorithms and Design, Discrete Structures, Software Engineering, Microarchitectures, Advance Algorithms, Statistics, Database Systems, and Distributed Systems. In my professional career, I have worked as a Programmer, Software Developer, Web Developer and currently a Software Consultant @saltyslopes. The projects that I'm currently working on, range between 12-18 months in length.

I have an epic passion for helping others succeed, I believe with the right information anyone anywhere can reach their wildest dreams of creating what they envision. I pride myself in being truthful to yourself and those who you impact, I hold myself accountable to every single piece of content that I create, in order to deliver a creative fun experience that you are not soon to forget.

Rick Hernandez

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